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How to Prime a Pool Pump That Connects To Multiport

Usually at the beginning of the pool season, when you open your pool, your pump might need a bit of priming. Priming is the act of giving your pump enough water so it will start pulling from the pool. Basically, it’s like giving your pump a motivational pep talk to get it in gear.

1. Turn Your Multiport Valve to Recirculate

This will bypass the filter system, so that the water comes into the pump, through ONLY your multiport valve, and right back into the pool — never touching the inside of your filter.

NOTE: Remove any plugs you have in your skimmer(s) or return jet(s) so that water can flow into your pump.

2. Fill The Pump With Water

Open up the pool pump by removing the lid (make sure all the drain plugs are in place so that your pump doesn’t leak water).

Take your garden hose and fill up the pump housing where the basket is. This is priming in a nutshell. What we’re doing is filling the lines from the skimmer to the pump so that there’s enough water to create suction into the pump.

I recommend filling for at least 2 minutes to ensure the water is entering the lines. You can also use a hose nozzle and spray water into the pipe directly by pointing the nozzle into the opening inside the pump housing.

3. Turn On The Filter System

Once you’ve finished filling up the pool pump with water, put the lid back on the pump housing and fire up the system. Hopefully, you’ve added enough water to get the pump running. You’ll know you achieved this when the pump housing starts filling up with water and there is no visible air bubbles in the lid.


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