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U.S. Department of State

Total Duration18 yrs 6 mos

Michael Juge

  • TitleLead Intelligence Analyst

    Dates EmployedApr 2014 – Present

    Employment Duration5 yrs 1 mo

    LocationHouston, Texas Area

    Led criminal investigative program analytics for The Bureau of Diplomatic Security covering the Houston, Dallas and El Paso offices. Oversaw daily operations to maintain data accuracy and provide leadership team with a clear overview of department internal and external activities.

    • Analyzed demographic and geographic data to provide leadership team with resource requirements in each area, resulting in funding for two additional offices.
    -Extracted geographic data from supported regions.
    -Cleansed anomalous data, ensuring data was current and accurate.
    -Created report with visual representations including graphs and maps.

    • Collaborated with key stakeholders, remote office managers, and headquarters to develop and document workflow and processes, promoting standardized workflow and business practices throughout the agency.

  • TitleIntelligence Analyst

    Dates EmployedApr 2009 – Apr 2014

    Employment Duration5 yrs 1 mo

    LocationHouston, TX

    • Collaborated with key stakeholders, remote office managers, and headquarters to develop and document workflow and processes, promoting standardized workflow and business practices throughout the agency.

    • Identified cases with highest success for prosecution and reduced case load by providing agents with data necessary to focus investigations on cases that could be won.
    -Conceptualized and developed means to classify cases and measure outcomes.
    -Determined criteria for qualitative analysis of prosecutorial success and applied the logic to run a statistical analysis of success rate.
    -Conducted trend analysis and synthesized picture of overall strengths and weaknesses of specific fraud investigations.

    • Conceptualized and developed agent caseload measurements and models to provide leadership team with data needed to monitor staff performance, leading to drastic 50% reduction of cold cases in one year.

    • Researched, tracked, and analyzed outside agency referral cases and submitted finding to leadership team for corrective action, leading to lag time reduction from 1.5 years to 4 months and decreased erroneous referrals from 25% to 5%.

    • Coordinated with developers to customize an Oracle database, successfully deploying new updates with required analytical capabilities to replace in house developed MS Access database.

  • TitleIntelligence Analyst

    Dates EmployedMar 2005 – Apr 2009

    Employment Duration4 yrs 2 mos

    LocationWashington, DC

    Served as an intelligence research specialist for Near Eastern Affairs in the Diplomatic Security Criminal Intelligence and Research Branch.
    • Gathered and interpreted intelligence regarding fraud affecting the issuance and use of U.S. travel documents (passports and visas) from open sources, classified reporting and DS criminal investigations
    • Conducted in-depth tactical analysis in criminal visa fraud investigations which resulted in successful detection and disruption of criminal enterprises targeting U.S. travel documents.
    • Routinely coordinated efforts with Fraud Prevention Programs to identify possible fraudulent facilitators and forward the information to U.S. Consular Officers overseas
    • Conducted vulnerability study regarding the diplomatic servant visa class identifying systemic vulnerabilities and collaborated with Consular Affairs and the Office of Protocol to strengthen the visa adjudication process overseas and disrupt document vendors’ operations.

  • TitleSpecial Agent

    Dates EmployedNov 2000 – Mar 2005

    Employment Duration4 yrs 5 mos

    Conducted passport and visa fraud investigations to identify and document fraud rings. Presented complex schemes to US attorneys for prosecution. Planned security for major events involving visiting foreign dignitaries.

    • Ensured successful and safe visits for visiting foreign dignitaries including British Foreign Secretary and Israeli Foreign Minister by coordinating security arrangements with police and fire departments and keeping protective details informed of threats and developments.

    • Dismantled several visa fraud rings that led to conviction of 12+ individuals by investigating criminal violations of passports and visa fraud statutes.

    • Built productive liaison with other law enforcement agencies by openly coordinating criminal investigative efforts with other bureaus including Consular Affairs, The Office of Foreign Missions, and The Office of Protocol.

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